For May 4th

Riya Mehta: Air-to-rock: This Icelandic facility is turning CO2 into stone

In Iceland, the company Carbix is collaborating with Climeworks, another company, to build a site that collects carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into stone underground. This will be effective in reducing climate change. In southwest Iceland, this process has already begun. Workers are installing huge fans to suck carbon dioxide from the air to turn it into stone. Although it is very expensive, it is an alternative to fight global warming.


Raeya Arora: 4 Big Reasons to be Hopeful about the fight for Climate Justice in 2021

  1. Fossil fuels are on the way out
    1. There is a growing global movement for a transition to renewables, which is supported by international commitments. For the first time ever, renewable energy investment will exceed that in fossil fuels. 
  2. The energy sector is decarbonising
    1. The international energy agency says offshore wind could deliver 18 times today’s global electricity demand. 
  3. Net-zero commitments are getting bigger and better
    1. The climate action tracker estimates that global temperature rise will be significantly reduced based on countries’ net zero commitments, which are expected to be even more ambitious this year
    2. Plus, more than 1500 companies with combined revenues of 12.5 trillion have set their net zero targets between 2025 and 2050
  4. Technology is here to help save the day
    1. Digital technology, from smart metres to super computers, weather modelling and can help us reduce carbon emissions. Technology could deliver nearly one third of the emissions reductions we need to see by 2030

Source: @staceyfortheplanet on Instagram

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