In 1970, there was not city in the country with a municipal recycling program. A small women’s’ group in Burlington planned and carried out a recycling experiment with tins, paper and glass. This was reported in the news and media because the public was dealing with a lot of fear and depression when they realized the threats to nature. and feared a collapse. Our group became an organization with 1,000 volunteers! The citizens of Citizens’ Committee for Pollution Control (CCPC) ran a city-wide, multi-material recycling program for 13 years- all of us as volunteers! We proved that recycling  was possible at a city level. The City of Burlington became the first in Canada to follow our pioneering example. The core members of CCPC stayed in touch with each other for decades, till in 2012, Incorrect information appeared in the “Post”, and we knew we had to form another organization, naming it Recycling Revisited, which led to the present organization.